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Chapter from new book authored by Lou Charkoudian, Carla Frölich, Mike Hildreth, Kerstin Perez, Shahir Rizk, Jennifer L. Ross, Tom Solomon, and Kana Takematsu, Cottrell Scholars Collaborative: 

Inclusivity in Introductory STEM Courses: A Guide to Improving Student (and Instructor!) Mindsets

RES2302 Inclusivity Cover03-front.jpg

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original version bioRxiv:

Data in Zenodo:

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Highlight of this preprint at Molecular Biology of the Cell!

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pdf. web. doi:

Original version arXiv:

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pdf. web. doi:

Image selected for the back cover of Cytoskeleton!


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Image selected for inside cover of Soft Matter!


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Image selected for AIP Kaleidoscope for June 2018:


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"For SHE’s a Jolly Good Fellow?" BACK PAGE of the APS News, April 2018 

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*co-corresponding authors

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*co-first authors

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** Chosen as the first article in the BEST OF 2016!!

highlighted with header banner, designed by Ross:


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(Cover Art)


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*Cover Art 

**Chosen for Biophysical Journal Collection on Molecular Motors and the Cytoskeleton.


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*Chosen as an iBiology HOT Article!


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*Cover Art!


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*Chosen as a top article for 2011!


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