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Microtubule Dynamic Instability paper is HOT!


New article in Integrative Biology reviewing the methods used to examine microtubule dynamic instability has been given HOT status. Go to the iBiology blog to download it for free for the next 4 weeks. 

(from October 17, 2013)

Megan Bailey passes her Prospectus: Thesis Proposal Approved by Committee!


Congratulations to Megan Bailey, MCB graduate student in the lab on passing her thesis proposal: The Prospectus. She is now an official candidate for the Ph.D.

(from September 4, 2013)

Leslie Conway successfully defends her Ph.D. Thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Conway!


Congratulations to Leslie Conway, MCB graduate student in the lab on passing her thesis defense. She will continue in the lab as a postdoc, but she is on the market now.

(from August 30, 2013)

Cover of the Biophysical Journal


Tav’s new paper is out this week in the Biophysical Journal. And, we got the cover!! The paper is the flexibility of microtubule filaments in the presence of Taxol, a chemotherapeutic drug, and other stabilizers. This work was supported by the National Science Foundation. Thank you!

For an interview with Jenny about how she made the cover art, click the Biophysical Society Blog.

(from May 2013)

Papers Accepted!


Josh’s article on MAP65’s affects on microtubule organization during gliding was accepted to the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter


Leslie’s Addendum to her PNAS article was accepted to Communicative and Integrative Biology!

Award Winner!


Undergraduate, Soren Hough, won a poster prize at the Northeast Undergraduate Research and Development Symposium (NURDS) conference. See note on CNS website here. Congratulations, Soren!

Award Winner!


Leslie Conway wins the Student Poster Award at MCB Retreat, Saturday, February 23, 2013. Congratulations, Leslie!

Ross Named UMass Spotlight Scholar


Spotlight Scholars are UMass Amherst faculty members who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in research, scholarship or creative activity.  See the profile on UMass’s website here

Ross Profiled in Biophysical Society Newsletter and Speaking in Awards Symposium at Biophysical Society Meeting


Biophysical Society Newsletter profiles one biophysicsist each month. This month, they profile Jenny, just as she is set to win the Oakly Dayhoff Award. Read the Biophysical Society Newsletter profile online. The Awards Symposium session is 10:45am - 12:45pm in Grand Ballroom B on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.


Conway’s first paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, USA


Leslie Conway, senior graduate student in the lab, has published her first paper in PNAS. The paper examines the role of additional transport motors and crowding in helping or hindering cargo transport. This work has implications for neuromuscular diseases where very long cells rely on long-range intracellular transport to move organelles and proteins to the tips of axons.

Congratulations, Leslie!

(from December 2012)

STORM image highlighted In Pictures


Postdoc Michael Gramlich’s image of the microtubules in a fixed cell imaged with STORM using the super-resolution user facility. See the image and caption on the In Pictures website.

New Biophysics Methods Book Review


Jenny reviews a new book of biophysical methods for Physics Today. See the review here.


Highlight Paper for 2011!


Liu et al paper selected as a highlighted paper for 2011 by Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. See entire list here.


This paper was also reviewed in Current Biology by Will Hancock. See the article here.


Microtubule Loop-de-Loops! 


Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter has spot-lighted our recent publication describing microtubule gliding at high density. This publication was performed by an undergraduate, Lynn Liu, now at Yale for Graduate School. link

Award Winner!


Leslie Conway wins the Student Research Achievement Award (SRAA) poster Award at the Biophysical Society Meeting! Congratulations Leslie on this amazing accomplishment!

Cover of the Biophysical Journal


Daniel’s first paper from the Ross Lab is out this week in the Biophysical Journal. And, we got the cover!! The paper is on single molecule studies of the microtubule severing enzyme katanin. This work was supported by the March of Dimes. Thank you!

For an interview with Jenny about how she and Daniel made the cover art, click the Biophysical Society Blog.


Ross wins Cottrell Scholars Award from Research Corporation


Jenny Ross, PI, wins Cottrell Scholars Award for her teaching “Optics for Biophysics” and for her work on microtubule motor proteins. “Optics for Biophysics” is an interdisicplinary optics course for physics, chemistry, biochemistry, and biology students. In the course, students learn how to build a working light microscope.

More information on the Cottrell Scholars Award


Leslie Conway wins Graduate Fellowship!


Leslie Conway, 3rd year Molecular and Cellular Biology graduate student, wins ICE IGERT Fellowship (NSF) for her work on kinesin and dynein motor traffic on microtubules.

Ross Lab in the News!


Articles about new FPALM/STORM microscope being built in the lab.

Springfield Republican

Daily Collegian

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