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New paper accepted at Cytoskeleton!

Our paper collaborating with Ruxandra Dima from University of Cincinnati on how severing enzymes could tear apart microtubules by pushing on them is published in the journal Cytoskeleton!

(February 2016)

New Perspective Review in Biophysical Journal on the Dark Matter of Biology with promotional graphic design!

Named as a BEST article of 2016 by Biophysical Journal!


(September 2016)

Undergraduate Researcher, Danny Todd, wins

Chang Summer Research Fellowship from the Department of Physics.

Congratulations, Danny!


(April 2016)

Postdoctoral Researcher, Dr. Joelle Labastide, wins NSF postdoctoral fellowship from the Division of Biological Sciences. Congratulations, Joelle!


(March 2016)

Graduate Student, Sid Advani, qualifies to candidacy for her Ph.D. Congratulations, Sid!


(February 2016)

Ross Profiled in "Physics in Your Future" brochure from American Physical Society

Download pdf here.

(produced by the Committee on the Status of Women January 2016)


Ross Honored as Young Alum of the Month by Wellesley Underground!

Read the story here

(February 2016)


Ross picture from #Ilooklikeaphysicist twitter campagin used in article on diversity in Physics World!

Read the story here.

(March 2016)

New Labbies!


The lab has expanded so much, we had to buy new desks! 

New members:

Dr. Vikrant Yadav, postdoctoral researcher, PhD in Physics from Clark University

Dr. Joelle Labastide, postdoctoral researcher, PhD in Chemistry from UMass Amherst


Leila Farhadi, physics graduate student

(from Sept 1, 2015)

New Papers Published!


Cool new paper on how katanin severs and is inhibited by tubulin in solution published in the December 15th edition of Biophysical Journal! Megan Bailey is first author, and this work is a major part of her recent thesis. Congratuations, Megan! 

(December 2015)


Also, new paper accepted for publication in collaboration with the Hueck Lab (UMass Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) on membrane binding proteins. Publication expected in March 2016 in Journal of Biological Chemistry!

(January 2016)

New Funding! Ross apart of a team to study triggerable assemblies

Ross is apart of a team of scientists led by Thayumanava (UMass Chemistry) and with Dinsmore (UMass Physics), Abbott (Wisconsin), Giannesci (UCSD), and dePablo (UChicago) to study materials with special properties that can be triggered at the molecular scale but make large-scale changes. Biology has already developed such materials, such as the leaves of the "touch-me-not plant (video) and hagfish slime (video).  The award is a Multi-University Research Initiative (MURI)  award from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to total $6.25 million over five years.

Press Release from UMass Amherst (link)

(from June 2015)

Ross, Anderson, and Rust win SCIALOG Award from Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation


Ross and co-PIs, Rae Anderson (Physics, San Diego State University) and Michael Rust (Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, University of Chicago) were awarded a grant at the SCIALOG: Molecules Come to Life, sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Research Corporation for Science Advancement to create an artificial crawling tissue. Read more in Funding.

(from June 2, 2015)

New Chapter Published!


New chapter co-authored by Taki Stanhope and Jenny published in volume 128 of Methods in Cell Biology. Jenny was also one of the co-Editors of the volume that included chapters by top biophysicists in cytoskeleton and membrane research. (from May 2015).

Megan Bailey successfully defends her Ph.D. Thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Bailey!


Congratulations to Megan Bailey, MCB graduate student in the lab on passing her thesis defense. She will stay a few more months while she finalizes her thesis.

(from May 13, 2015)

Award Winner!


Megan Bailey, graduate student from the Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program, won the poster competition for the Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Program Retreat! Congratulations, Megan! (from February 2015)

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