Congratulations to Nick Sawyer on his recently awarded grant! The Syracuse Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Engagement (SOURCE) grant promotes faculty-guided undergraduate research. Nick's research will explore regulation of UBQLN2 450C liquid-liquid phase separation through analysis of environmental biological and abiotic factors. In addition to the grant award, Nick will have the opportunity to present at the annual Honors Research Fair in October 2021. Nice work, Nick!

(November 2020)

The Ross Lab has relocated to Syracuse University, Physics Department. 

(August 2019)

Physics graduate student, Leila Farhadi, successfully defended her PhD dissertation on Wednesday, August 12!

Congratulations, Dr. Farhadi. Leila will be continuing her work in the Ross Lab as a postdoc until she can find her next big adventure!

(July 2020)

Physics graduate student, Jake Shechter, successfully defended his PhD dissertation on Thursday, July 30!

Congratulations, Dr. Shechter. Good luck on your next adventure teaching physics! 

(July 2020)

New paper published at Soft Matter

about the dynamics and mechanics of cross-linked composite actin-microtubule networks. Microtubule cross linkers cause actin and microtubules to co-localize, but do not affect mechanics!

Congratulations Leila Farhadi and our collaborators on the KECK Foundation collaboration! 

(March 2020)

New paper published at Langmuir where grad student, Jake Shechter directly observed a liquid crystal as it changes conformations inside a round droplet from radial to bipolar for the first time. Undergraduates, Ben Strain and Linda Oster provided took and analyzed data on liquid crystal conformations as a function of surfactant (soap) and droplet size. Modeling performed by Juan dePablo's theory group at the University of Chicago.


(February 2020)

New paper published at The Biophysicist

about creating an interdisciplinary optics class where students build their own microscopes!

Congratulations undergraduates long gone on the publication of this paper! Also, came out in the first issue of this new journal from the Biophysical Society.

(January 2020)

No fuel

With fuel

New paper published at Physical Review Letters

about how single enzymes diffuse faster in the presence of their enzyme substrates (fuel).

Congratulations graduate student Mengqi Xu on her first, first author paper! 

(September 2019)

MCB Graduate student, Carline Fermino do Rosario, joins the Ross Lab. Welcome (back), Carline!

(May 2019)

New paper accepted at Soft Matter about how microtubules can self-organize into "spindles" without motors.

Congratulations Bianca, Sumon, Carline, and Anthony on your publication!

(May 2019)

Sid Advani returns to walk at graduate commencement and be hooded as a PhD. Congratulations, Sid!

(May 2019)

Undergraduate researchers present their research at the Undergraduate Research Conference. Congratulations Linda, Ben, Lena, Ryan, and Austin on your posters!

(April 2019)


Record-breaking nine undergraduate researchers from the Ross Lab graduate this May. Congratulations, Ross Labbies! 

(May 2019)

New paper on microtubule severing enzymes and their ability to depolymerize microtubules that lack the carboxy-terminal tail accepted for publication at Cytoskeleton. Congratulations Liudmila, Megan, Madison, and Arianna on this paper!

(April 2019)

Jenny Ross and Ross Lab research highlighted at Physics!


(Jan 2019)

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