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New paper published at PNAS Nexus about microtubule crosslinkers forming droplets and organizing microtubule tactoids and asters.

Lead author, Dr. Sumon Sahu (G'21) and co-author Prashali Chauhan. Beautiful work!

(July 2023)

It's graduation time again! Each year, we say good bye and good luck to the Ross Labbies who reached this amazing milestone of getting their undergraduate degrees. Congratulations and don't forget us at Syracuse as you go on to be amazing scientists and contributors to society! (May 2023)


Left: Karina Primeau and Nedine Abdelhamid from Team Katanin

Middle: Hong Beom Lee and Harper Cheng from Team Microtubule Organization

Right: India Aikens from Team Intracellular Transport

Ross Lab Undergraduates present at Syracuse University College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Festival in April 2023! Pictured top left: Clay Masters and Karina Primeau, Top right: Hong Beom Lee, Bottom left: Nedine Abdelhamid, and Bottom right: Harper Cheng. (April 2023)


Graduate student, Carline Fermino Do Rosario, has had her recent preprint highlighted in the journal Molecular Biology of the Cell (MBoC):

Carline has continued her PhD at UMass, working with Pat Wadsworth on this beautiful work!  

Congratulations, Carline and Pat!

(April 2023)

Ross Lab reunion at BPS in 2023 with current students Carline Fermino Do Rosario and Nimisha Krishnan and former Ross Labbie, Mengqi Xu. 

(Feb 2023)

Graduate student, Carline Fermino Do Rosario, gave a platform talk at Biophysical Society Meeting. Carline also chaired the session! Awesome job, Carline! 

(Feb 2023)


New paper published at Biomolecules on Katanin Inhibition by CTT sequences. First author is lab manager K. Alice Lindsay with undergraduate researcher Nedine Abdelhamid! Amazing work!

(March 2023)


Jenny Ross named a Fellow of the AAAS!

The American Association for the Advancement of Science is the world's largest multidisciplinary scientific society. 

(January 2023)

Undergraduate researcher, Hong Beom Lee, wins KIA America Fellowship. Congratulations, Hong!

(September 2022)

Graduate students, Julia Bourdeaux and Nimisha Krishnan pass their physics PhD qualifying exams. Congratulations, Nimisha and Julia!

(August 2022)

Ross Lab has 5 posters at the Syracuse University College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Festival on Friday, April 22. Amazing work on display from Hong Boem Lee (physics), Diego Luna (biotechnology), Nedine Abdelhamid (biotechnology) & Carina Boyce (biology), Nicolle Laines (physics) & India Aikens (physics), and Sophia Marin (biology) & Niaz Goodbee (biology). So proud of all the Ross Labbies! (April 2022). Read more about this event here.


Undergraduate researcher, Diego Luna is being recognized as a Research Achievement Award for an outstanding Biology, Biochemistry, or Biotechnology student.

(April 2022)

Ross Labbies presented at American Physical Society March Meeting in Chicago, IL in March 2022. Prashali Chuahan, Nimisha Krishnan, and Kevin Ching (physics graduate students), and Hong Boem Lee (Physics undergraduate), presented 10-minute talks on their new work! Great work!

(March 2022)


Ross Labbies presented at Biophysical Society Meeting in San Francisco, CA in February 2022. Prashali Chuahan (physics graduate student), Hong Boem Lee (Physics undergraduate), and Diego Luna (Biotechnology undergraduate) presented posters on their new work! Great work!

(February 2022)

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