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Lab News!

Undergraduate student Hong Beom Lee has been granted the 2021 Renée Crown University Honors Program Award. More details on the news page.

Undergraduates Stephanie Bien-Aime and Nick Sawyer were recently selected to receive research awards! More details on the news page.

Syracuse University News article on undergraduate student, Hong Beom Lee highlighting his work on microtubule tactiods. Great work, Hong!

Undergraduate Nick Sawyer was recently awarded a SOURCE grant!

The Ross Lab has MOVED to Syracuse University.


Bio-Active Matter Lab

Active, Biological Physics Underlying Cellular Organization

Answering the question:

How can cells organize their insides without a manager?

The Ross Lab in broadly interested in how cells sense, decide, and respond to produce motion, force, and work. The cell is able to couple thermal and active (energy-using) "ratchets" that self-organize to perform work. This ability to do work by harnessing noisy, random systems is a frontier area of research for soft, active, and biological condensed matter physics. The Ross Lab focuses on biological systems in order to learn fundamental physics principles of how they are able to act autonomously, specifically we have focused on the cytoskeleton. We have started new work on enzymes ability to serve as active matter.